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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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IE Lab 17 to Keith - SIT BACK DOWN!

Wed, 28 May 2008 14:59:27 +0000
This was my first mock lab in about three months, and while I knew I would get clobbered, I was interested to see how I would do after spending so much time really making friends with each technology. I kept time on this one to simulate the real lab. … What follows is ...]

span>Last but not least, i own an apology to my account team (how the hell did Cisco find my blog???), because as it proved out i was half-wrong regarding a "prediction" statement in my previous post:

I already know the answer from our account team. "Yes, you can do whatever you like with ASR1000". But i also know the answer from TAC : "Sorry, this cannot be done due to QFP".

Well, they actually said that we should first check the features we currently use on the 10000 and 7200 routers. Then check which ones are supported in the first release of IOS XE and when the rest of them will be available. After that we can see when (and if) we can test the ASR1000. Let's hope TAC will prove me wrong too ;)

Tassos (CCIE™ No. 19858), Good, the Bad and the UglyC.Eastwood : "This world had two kinds of people my friend: those with loaded guns and those who dig!" Guess who's digging ;)

Some days ago Cisco introduced the ASR1000 Router Series. A breakthrough in technology according to Cisco; something that will probably change the networking industry.

What does it have to do with the title?

The Good (QFP), the Bad (PXF) and the Ugly (SW)!!!

QFP is the QuantumFlow Processor, where ASR 1000 Series Embedded Service Processors (ESPs) are based on.
PXF is the Parallel Express Forwarding and it's the where 10000's parallel multiprocessor architecture is based on.
SW is just software (CPU) switching, something that 7200/NPE-G1 (and most other routers) is based on.

So let's start with the Bad...the PXF and the 10000:

When Cisco announced its 10000 Edge Services Router in 2000, it said:

The Cisco 10000 ESR is based on Cisco's revolutionary Parallel eXpress Forwarding (PXF) architecture. PXF utilizes Cisco's latest parallel-pipelined network processor to deliver wire speed performance for a broad set of Cisco IOS. advanced IP services. The combination of a rich IOS feature set and PXF performance enables ISPs to increase revenues by deploying value-added services such as Premium Internet Access to customers in volume. The highly-scalable router delivers maximum expandability to handle growing customer populations and expanded service offerings. In addition, the Cisco 10000 ESR and its breakthrough architecture have been designed for maximum reliability and availability to support customers' ever-increasing dependence on network-based services.

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