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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Questions and answers about cisco ccie written exam

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Regarding the numbering, the folks at Cisco didn't want to start with the number '1'. So they decided to start with 1024, (2 ** 10), a common binary number. The lab was assigned the first number, 1024, and they placed a plaque with that number on the door (someone told me that the plaque has been kept and moved to one of the new test labs). Stuart was awarded the first real number, CCIE # 1025, because he created the test. I passed the hands-on test, designing and building the network in one day, then fixing the things he broke in just over half a day. I was awarded the next number, CCIE # 1026, in August, 1993, the first non-Cisco person to achieve the CCIE and the first to take the test. A bunch of Cisco employees soon followed and many of them are still working at Cisco. Something like five of the first ten CCIEs work in the same building at Cisco.

T37 fax inbound/outbound with Unity 4.0(5)

Mon, 18 Sep 2006 01:51:36 +0000
Enable DNS resolution: 
ip domain-lookup
ip name-server <Unity server>
ip domain-name (domain of gateway)
Enable T37: 
fax interface-type fax-mail  —- (reload the router)
Enable T37 Onramp: (Think of Onramp as coming ON to the network)
mta send server port 25  —- (mail server - unity in this case)
mta send with-subject both —– (sends ani and dnis in subject)
mta send mail-from ...]

See you at Cisco-Live (Networkers 08)!

Mon, 23 Jun 2008 11:31:33 +0000
Our team is about to leave for sunny Florida for Cisco Networkers’08.
We look forward to seeing our old friends, former students and meeting new people.
See you in Orlando!
P.S. You can see updates on what we are doing on our twitter account:
update: June 24th 11:35am
We’ve just listened to John Chambers’ keynote. Cisco has a great vision about the new ...]

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