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Monday, November 24, 2008

Questions for resume ccie

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Fri, 10 Oct 2008 12:08:28 +0000
Hi All,
I have to admit that I’ve been an awful blogger recently L (sorry!), I’m hoping to improve things in the near future – since starting @ Cisco I have been studying in sporadic spells of time instead of a fixed 2 hrs each evening which in-turn has caused me to neglect this blog…
Anyway, I’ve ...]

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Nice Blog(s)

Mon, 27 Oct 2008 09:10:50 +0000
I came across this blog over the weekend. Im sure Ive seen it before, but spent a bit of time checking it out in more detail recently. There are some really good articles on it for the aspiring CCIE and network engineers out there. Good job Jeremy - its refreshing to see a personal blog ...]

second attempt and I still need to do it again

Whew! What an exam!

The proctor is a 5-CCIE holder and have been writing various CCIE lab
exam in the last couple of years.

This round of exam is having the same difficulties as my previous
one. Some trade off happens: there is (supposed to be) no wrong configs
in there. Even with fewer number of total tasks, the solution to be put
up is not a simple tasks (hey, this is CCIE all about doesn't it???)

Some oddities happened:

  • BGP ASN is different between the config and the diagram. The
    proctor admits this is a mistake when the config was loaded -> I got
    extra time for changing the config into the correct one

  • IGP and BGP diagram was mixed up and creating a contradictory
    information amongst them. I informed the proctor that the BGP diagram
    exist in IGP and I though this is a mistake. The proctor was helpful to
    inform me to ignore the wrong one.

  • There is already a routing protocol setup in there, in full working
    configuration. However, there is no guide in the exam paper mentioning
    that this task required a migration from that routing protocol into
    another routing protocol. The newly-configured routing protocol is the
    one that the scenario is 'migrating' into. Lucky enough I pop-up this
    question to the proctor that informed me the scenario is supposed to be
    migrating between one routing protocol to another.

It turned out that I still need to further prepare my next CCIE lab

However, the result is not what I expected it would be. Some domain
areas are given total 0% whilst I strongly believe it was working fine
(I even verified it various times to ensure this is
what the question is after).

Unfortunately, since this is a self-funded CCIE preparation, the next
attempt I could go is after July this year. I have drained the budget
for this semester and the soonest availability of my budget is after

Meanwhile, I am doing all sorts of crazy scenarios for the sake of my
own curiosity. Who knows that those scenarios will be its own workbook
that I could share with the CCIE community.
I still have the habit of being a constructive instructor/teacher
anyway, so I hope my own 'workbook' would teach me gradually to be ready
from 'ground up' to be 'fully-credible' CCIE.

The tradeoff is: this workbook might be the long duration version of
CCIE-to-be. But, whoever uses it will have the choice of fast forwarding
to the level in areas that they need to pick up (just like me!).

This blog will never end, even after I got my multiple CCIE credentials
in the future ;)

Join BlogCatalog at BlogWorld

Wed, 03 Sep 2008 17:58:10 +0000
BlogWorld, the blogging world’s largest show, will be in Las Vegas on September 20th-21st. Along with blogging and social media gurus including Guy Kawasaki, Darren Rowse, and Brian Clark, thousands of bloggers, vloggers and podcasters will be there too. It’s that big.
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Emergency Alternate Greeting - EAG

Mon, 17 Jul 2006 12:52:52 +0000
EAG is implemented as a system script called checkaltgreet.aef. To activate EAG is a script, insert a Call Subflow checkaltgreet.aef into the script.
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Job Posting for CCIE in Columbia, Maryland, USA

Tue, 04 Nov 2008 22:21:55 +0000
I am seeking a Senior Network Engineer for a FT/PERM opportunity offering great salary! CCIE certification is REQUIRED; 5+ years of experience with LAN/WAN technologies; Experience with CISCO, UNIX, DNS and DHCP. Military background is a plus!! The opportunity is located in Columbia, MD. The company does most of their work for the Department of ...]

Voice starts now…

Tue, 28 Oct 2008 09:17:37 +0000
I bought the IPexpert BLS Voice package yesterday, with a view to make a start on my CCIE Voice studies. I brought my schedule forward a little as IPexpert have an offer running until the end of October where they give a 50% discount on the full purchase price - which considering the poor £/$ ...]

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